“There’s so much that goes on inside my head. So many directions trying to lead me away, but one thing is certain; I am in love with You”

           -Stephanie Ann

After being married two and half years, I became a widow. This new journey I am now on, a difficult one it has been, but nonetheless a blessed one. 

I am learning who I am as a single woman walking in the ways of God. But my story and love for writing didn’t begin here… 

The love for writing began in my teen years. I was a young girl who struggled with depression. Writing became the very thing that allowed me to fully express what I felt inside. Though I was never good with voicing my feelings, the pages always seemed to know more about me, than anybody else. It became an escape, the only place I felt comfortable to be who I was, and not feel ashamed with what was going on in my life. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I realized I had a gift, a way with expressing myself, through words.

I’ve known sadness. I’ve known happiness. I’ve known love.

I have captured it all on paper. It’s a new time in my life, where I want to share it; my experiences, my hardships, my victories… even my imagination. ❤

“Without writing, I am like a bird without a song.”

– Stephanie Ann


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